Our Ethos and Values

Our Ethos and Values


At St Philomena's we share the love of God every day, in everything we learn, do and say.


St Philomena’s is a warm and welcoming school, following the teachings of Jesus in all we do.

We :

work together with children, families and parish to promote Catholic values,

inspire and challenge our children to fulfil their potential through enriched learning opportunities,

foster self-esteem and pride by celebrating the achievements of our children,

instil a lifelong love of learning,

empower children to participate fully in society and embrace their personal responsibility to care for our world.

Key Themes

Faith in God – making God part of our daily lives; seeking guidance and reassurance from God in whatever we do; trusting that God will look after us; thanking God; knowing God loves us no matter what; and building an understanding of faith

Work and achieve – making a difference; succeeding; striving for excellence; growing to be good people; taking care of our environment; knowing God is walking beside us

Belief in ourselves – loving and trusting ourselves; trying our best at all times; believing anything is possible; being confident and positive; praising and encouraging; having courage to manage challenge and achieve goals; and looking for gifts and talents in everyone

Love for each other – being fully part of God’s wider family; following Christ’s example in loving everyone, whatever their colour or creed; treating others as ourselves; being caring and respectful of everyone; showing compassion and forgiveness; and looking out for each other