Meet our Sports Ambassadors for this year. We have Ava, Ishita, Ryan, Maksym, Dante and Callum from Year 5, and Saskia, Sienna, Junior, Nehemiah, Ruby-Ann, Bobby and Adrian from Year 6. The children had to apply for the job, explaining why they would make good sports ambassadors, and are already showing great leadership and teamwork skills. The sports ambassadors are available at every morning playtime to organise and join in with playground games on the KS1 and KS2 playgrounds.

The sports ambassadors will be organising intra-school competitions throughout the year;  where all children will be able to enter and particpate, to win housepoints and prizes for their house teams or year group.


Football Matches against other Primary Schools

Normans Park Athletics Competition

Annual Sports Day

Cricket Lessons

Lacrosse Taster Lessons


Tennis Lessons


November 2022 - Skipping and hula hoop competitions

Our first sports competitions of the year were held by Sports Ambassadors at lunchtime. Key Stage 2 were competing to see how many skips they could do in a minute. Key Stage 1 were competing to see how long they could hula hoop for. Well done to everyone who had a go!



The following children won for their classes​:


Rec: Theo A, Evangeline, Anashe

Y1: Eden, Muna, Emily D

Y2: Emily, Cheruni, Maeva

Y3: Amelie, Hema, Taraji

Y4: Elisha, Jeffrey, Joy

Y5: Mason, Maksym, Dante

Y6: Xander, Ruby-An, Saskia


They received a prize and 10 housepoints - congratulations!