School Meals

The amounts due for dinner money are as follows:


DINNER MONEY 2022 - 2023


September                 £48.40

October                     £24.20

November                 £48.40

December                 £33.00



January                      £48.40

February                    £35.20

March                        £50.60



April                           £26.00

May                            £52.00

June                            £49.40

July                             £36.40

Please note that payment is due, in advance, on the first school day of each month.  If your child does not take a school lunch for any reason, the payment for this lunch is carried forward so the following month’s bill can be adjusted accordingly.  School lunch is £2.60 daily from 17th April (£13.00 per week). 

If you believe you may be entitled to free school dinners please call in to the office for a form – it is a very simple procedure to apply alternatively you can apply online.

If you have yet to pay for last term these meals have been paid for by the School’s budget as we are billed weekly by our contractor for meals taken.  Please settle any outstanding dinner monies as soon as you can.  

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Nourish Autumn Menu October 2022-March 2023

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