RE Week on Scripture Art and Catholic Social Teaching

Year 6-Solidarity

Solidarity Activity – Children working in solidarity to guide blindfolded pupils to reach their goals.

Reflecting and Praying in Solidarity for those in need.

Year 5 – Dignity at Work

Scripture art based on Moses and the ten commandments. Planning to start our own business after being given funds from a local community savings group.                                                                               Praying for the dignity of work and the rights of workers.

Year 4 – The Common Good

Through our theme of ‘The Common Good’, we explored the value of friendships and the gift of community, as well as how exclusion disrespects human dignity and the common good. We also wrote prayers on the theme of ‘The Common Good’, showing that we understood that everybody is precious in God’s eyes and how we can help achieve this through our support of one another and the organisations, such as CAFOD.

Hannah wrote this prayer:

Dear God

Please help CAFOD raise a lot of money to help achieve the Common Good.  Please help people to understand that You made the world for us to live in and made us to love one another.  Amen

Jazlyn wrote this prayer:

Dear God

Please help us to protect and notice everyone for the Common Good. Protect those in danger. Please reach out to Ukraine, help and protect the people.  Make the world at peace everywhere and where there is war, teach people to be kind and generous. Amen

During R.E. week Year 4 studied the picture ‘Annunciation: Alexia and Katriona’ artist Antonia Rolls

We discussed why we thought the artist had chosen to paint the Annunciation in this way – creating a modern version of this important event and in what ways it was different to the Bible story.

Then we created our own version of this painting.  ‘Reverence’ means treating holy or sacred things properly. We discussed whether we felt this picture was reverent and understood that the artist was giving the message in a way that would help people understand how humble Mary – accepting the challenges and blessings that accepting God’s will would bring.

Year 3-Peace

During RE week, Year 3’s topic was Peace.  They analysed a painting of the feeding of the 5000 and then discussed what peace means to them.  The children then created posters and wrote prayers on Peace.

Year 2 – Option for the poor and vulnerable

Following a class discussion about the work of CAFOD and how we could help those less fortunate than ourselves, each child produced a generosity booklet, including a prayer for the poor and vulnerable.

Year 1 – Care for Creation

Scripture Art – Nigerian Nativity

Catholic Social Teaching – Care for Creation

Reception – Human Dignity

During RE week, we learnt ‘Everyone is special, that’s Human Dignity’.  We were given a Nativity print to look at, and reflected on what we liked about the art.  We created our own stamps and explored with printing techniques to create a Nativity scene. 

KS1 & KS2 CAFOD assemblies on the The Common Good, Human Dignity and Solidarity